Royale Pool Table in Delhi, India - Antique Billiards

Royale Pool Table in Delhi, India - Antique Billiards

Royale Pool Table

"Royale Pool Table"  refer to a specific type of pool table. However, it is possible that you are referring to a custom or specialized pool table with certain features or designs associated with the term "Royale." 

In general, a pool table, also known as a billiards table, is a flat surface covered with cloth, typically made of felt, and used for playing cue sports such as pool, snooker, and billiards. Standard pool tables are typically rectangular in shape and come in different sizes, with the most common sizes being 7-foot, 8-foot, and 9-foot tables.

"Royale Pool Table." It is possible that this term refers to a particular brand or model of a pool table that might have emerged after my knowledge cut off. However, some general information about pool tables.

A pool table is a rectangular, flat surface with pockets at the corners and sides, used for playing various cue sports like pool, billiards, and snooker. The table's surface is covered with a type of cloth, usually made of a blend of wool and nylon, to provide a smooth and consistent playing surface for the balls.

Pool tables come in various sizes, with the most common being 7-foot, 8-foot, and 9-foot tables. The size of the table can affect the difficulty and style of play in the game. Professional pool tournaments often use 9-foot tables, while smaller tables are more common in recreational settings.

The term "Royale Pool Table" could be a specific branding or a unique design of a pool table. If you are looking for information on a particular product, searching online or contacting a local pool table retailer for the most up-to-date information call us for quotation 9990989899, 9643137147.

1. What is the Royale Pool Table?

A. The Royale Pool Table is a high-end, luxury pool table known for its exquisite craftsmanship, superior playing surface, and elegant design. It is designed to provide a premium playing experience and is often sought after by enthusiasts and professionals alike.

2. Who manufactures the Royale Pool Table?

A. We are manufactures the Royale Pool Table located at Delhi, Near Rithala Metro Station, New Delhi, India.

3. What are the dimensions of the Royale Pool Table?

A. The dimensions of the Royale Pool Table may vary depending on the specific model or customization options. However, typically, a standard Royale Pool Table has a playing surface that measures 9 feet by 4.5 feet (2.74 meters by 1.37 meters). The overall dimensions of the table may be larger due to the frame and rails.

4. What materials are used in the construction of the Royale Pool Table?

A. The Royale Pool Table is crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and superior performance. The frame and legs are typically made from solid hardwood such as maple or oak. The playing surface is usually made of premium slate, which provides a level and consistent playing area. The rails are often constructed with a combination of hardwood and cushioning materials to facilitate accurate ball rebounds.

5. Can the Royale Pool Table be customized?

A. Yes, Royale Billiards offers customization options for their pool tables. Customers can select from a range of finishes for the wood, choose different cloth colors for the playing surface, and even add personalized engravings or logos to make the table unique. However, customization options may vary, and additional charges may apply.

6. Does the Royale Pool Table come with accessories?

A. Typically, the Royale Pool Table does not come with accessories included. However, some retailers or dealers may offer packages that include basic accessories such as pool balls, cues, a triangle rack, and chalk. It is advisable to inquire about the available accessories when purchasing the table.

7. Where can I purchase a Royale Pool Table?

A. call us 9990989899, 9643137147 for purchase a Royale Pool Table.

8. How much does a Royale Pool Table cost?

The cost of a Royale Pool Table can vary depending on the model, customization options, and any additional features or accessories chosen. Generally, due to its luxury status, the Royale Pool Table is priced at the higher end of the market. Prices can range from Rs 1.35 Lakh to Rs 2.25 Lakh.

9. Is professional installation required for the Royale Pool Table?

A. Given the size and weight of the Royale Pool Table, professional installation is strongly recommended. The table requires careful assembly, leveling, and positioning to ensure optimal performance. Professional installers are trained to handle these tasks, ensuring that the table is properly set up for the best playing experience.

10. Does the Royale Pool Table come with a warranty?

A. Yes, Royale Billiards typically provides a warranty for their pool tables. The specific terms and duration of the warranty may vary, so it is important to review the warranty details provided by the manufacturer or retailer at the time of purchase. The warranty usually covers manufacturing defects and workmanship issues, but it may not cover damage caused by misuse or improper maintenance.

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